Meet the all-new Cricut Explore™ 3

Meet the all-new Cricut Explore™ 3

Graffiti Lingo 101 – A User’s Guide to Talking Street

A tag is graffiti striped down to it’s most basic elements, the letters that spell the artist’s name. This is also known as their signature. Each stroke of the chosen font is stylized and personalized to accurately represent the creator. Learning this underground lingo opens the boundaries that isolate graffiti.

John Singer Sargent – Portraits in Praise of Women

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) was the foremost American portrait painter of the late nineteenth century. In his elegant, fluid likenesses of leading figures in industry, society, and the arts, Sargent captured a new America-a country emerging from the ravages of civil war and eager to take its place on a global stage. A lifelong expatriate, Sargent was immersed in European culture and, as Americans traveled to Europe in greater numbers than ever before, became an important link between old world and new.

Why Are Paintings So Expensive?

When priceless pieces of art get stolen from the big galleries in the major cultural centers of the world, people go crazy, the media has a field day and prophets proclaim the ending of the world, the four horsemen returning and Tom eating Jerry. But when they make the announcement on the news, they have a digitally rendered billion trillion pixel, perfect copy of the original sat behind them. Why are the originals so valuable when everyone and their dog can have the same picture printed off and wallpapered in their downstairs loo?

Fine Arts Reproductions – Best Example Of Dedication Towards Art

There is a common belief with respect to art that genuine things get better with the passage of the time. World famous artists are immortal through their creations. To name a few Leonardo Vinci, Van Gogh, Raphael, Monet etc. The artifice did not confine with their ages, but this field has always been in progress since time immemorial.

Lynda Training – HOT Software Training For Amazing Results

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