Step by Step Drawing

Learn step by step drawing through ebooks. These electronic books are made by expert and well known artists that have lots of experiences in drawing.

The Key Difference Between You and Your Most Successful Competitor

Design is often perceived as the ‘fluffy stuff’ the pretty sprinkle on top of your core product or service. I think the main reason we see it like that is because it’s so human, it’s about us, our senses, our emotions and as such is more difficult to measure and doesn’t feel like serious business. But design is at the core of the most successful businesses. Take Apple for example, design has been cleverly used in the development and presentation of their products to create an image of technology that not only makes most people want to pick up and play with but to be seen with as well – they’ve taken something that could be ‘niche’ and ‘geeky’ to something that feels necessary, useful, creative, fun, and accessible- and they get to charge more for their products because of this too.

Pop Art Master Romero Britto – Life and Art Print

Romero Britto is present in several leading art gallery across the world which have his commissioned art prints work on display. His artworks have also found a spot light in several corporate and collector’s commissions. He has also got a distinction of designing postage stamps for United States Postal Administrations.

Tips On Buying And Selling Paintings For Financial Gain

The art market is not as fickle as many people may think. In difficult financial times, it has been a tower of strength, and this is clearly shown in this article, which describes rules to buy a painting for the purpose of investment.

Oil Paintings Vs Prints

Having art prints is wonderful, but what about the real thing? Ever since a friend turned me on to oil painting reproductions, I’ve been hooked.

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