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May Viewer Mail

Sports Art Influences the Interlinked Relation Between Art and Walls

Decorating your own man cave with finest art paintings gives an awesome look to your man cave. If you are sports lover, sports art paintings should be your preferred art paintings to decorate walls of your room and this surely makes you fall in love with your man cave.

Basic Tips For Pencil Drawing

Here are some tips to help you. First of all to draw attention to the salient points of the project. After few days, it becomes a habit, and you can easily identify what a place, of course, stress.

What is Art and What Do We Get From Canvas Paintings?

The most straightforward question is “What is art for?” A simple answer might be that “art is decoration”, but this ignores a host of important and elementary meanings. The history of art is filled with fantastic examples of canvas paintings showing disturbing and violent imagery, stylised or otherwise inaccurate likenesses and also objects that require continuous care in order to prevent their wear and tear.

After Effects CS5 – More About Layers

After Effects CS5 provides many tools to develop and manage your element layers. As your comfort level with these tools rises, so will your development curve.

Munch Prints

Edvard Munch is a famous Norwegian painter and Munch prints make great topics for study thanks to the incredible expressionist qualities that they demonstrate. This article covers the career of Munch and discusses what makes his prints and paintings so popular in the current art market of the modern era.

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