Maker Academy Weekend: Sunday Morning Workshops

Maker Academy Weekend: Sunday Morning Workshops

Drawing Cars As a Way to Create Great Gifts

It’s easy to draw car portraits that people will beg to get. Once you learn to draw car art, you will be asked all the time to create automotive art as gifts. Most people love their cars, and a custom drawing of that car will be very well received as a gift.

More Than Just Clay

“Our lives are drawn out for us by a master artist. But we are given the colors to paint our own souls. Some days the colors we choose enrich who we are. Other days our brush strokes seem to leave shadows over the person we long to be. That is when we need a vision greater than our own. If we look from afar, we can see the beauty of the dark and light hues, working together to create balance. From this perspective, we can see ways to illuminate our lives with fresh, true colors as we slowly become the masterpiece we were designed to be.”

Choosing the Right Art Easel

If you are an artist who works with paper or canvas, you are probably interested in having an easel around so you have one when you need it. But if you aren’t sure what kind of art easel you want or need, choosing it might be difficult.

Choosing an Easel For Children

Kids’ easels are a great way to encourage creativity in your children. They create a convenient place for them to draw, paint, or stretch their minds in other ways. Instead of their art projects being spread all over a table or the floor, they are contained to the easel. This makes mess-control and cleanup very easy.

How to Become a Comic Book Artist

Comic book artists today need an excellent degree of design and art skills to compete with other artists. Gone are the days of simple outline drawings that resemble silhouettes.

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