Maker Academy Weekend: Sunday Afternoon Workshops

Maker Academy Weekend: Sunday Afternoon Workshops

Paintings – Healing Art

Art is an expression of the artist and every artist puts his life and soul into a painting. As we see, the trends are changing towards newer art. People want to experience art differently.

Popular Modern Artists of This Century

The Twentieth Century had produced many renowned artists who include Painters, Musicians, Instrumentalists, Rock Artists and Sculptors. It has been a decade since the new century was born and many magnanimous and versatile artists have already started to conquer the mindsets of masses. These include artists from US, Europe, Russia, India and Australia.

Graphic Designer – What Makes a Good Logo?

Being a graphic designer can be a good job. Although it takes a couple of time to become a good artist, creating designs can bring serious amount of income. Actually, there are thousands if not millions of graphic artist in the world today. But then, there are only a few who really excel in this field. Some artists have the abilities to mix colors, draw designs and sketch drafts while others were proficient in creating logos.

How to Oil Paint – Selecting an Easel

Selecting the correct easel will help you to accomplish a couple of things while painting. Having a secure mechanism in which to support your canvas insures you that your canvas is not moving about while painting. Having an easel that allows you to adjust the angle in which your canvas sits will also aid you in bringing the correct lighting to your canvas.

Why Does Victorian Art Attract Attention Even in the Modern Period?

We all know that art reached a height during the Victorian age. Queen Victoria was a great enthusiast and she encouraged art during her reign.

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