Maker Academy Weekend - Saturday Afternoon Workshops

Maker Academy Weekend – Saturday Afternoon Workshops

The Life and Times of Sir William Russell Flint

Born in Edinburgh on 4th April 1880. Son of Francis Wighton Flint, a watercolourist and designer, Sir William Russell Flint’s background was already an artistic one. Flint entered the Royal Institution School of Art in Edinburgh after the Daniel Stewarts College, where he learnt the basic rules of line and colour which Flint later developed into his own unique style. He became a draughtsman at a large printing works in Edinburgh, which taught him the discipline needed to become one of the great artists.

Cornwater Fine Art

The history of Cornwater fine art dates back some 25 years in total. Having initially commenced life as International fine arts; a humble art gallery/framers on the outskirts of Nottingham. The proprietor, learnt remarkably quickly the work that was highly regarded and sought after as an investment as opposed to decorative paintings and prints that many galleries were selling, and still do sell.

Stained Glass Techniques For Beginners

There are many glass art techniques that can be used when creating items out of colored glass. Beginners can learn the basics by spending some time and investing in just a few tools.

Choosing a Brush – A Guide For the Beginning Artist

Painting is a great artistic outlet and having the proper tools will make the process of creating a piece more enjoyable. The wrong kind of brush can lead to frustration when it doesn’t perform as expected, so it is important to identify what kind of brushes you will need before you start painting.

The Role of 3D Geometry on Man-Made Materials

While it is a good idea to use bump and opacity maps to create the illusion of geometry as often as possible, it is sometimes necessary to build these imperfections into the mesh geometry. You can use mesh modifiers such as Noise and Mesh smooth to distort the edges of objects, or use Boolean operations to create major cracks and crevices, for example.

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