Maker Academy Weekend: Friday Afternoon Workshops

Maker Academy Weekend: Friday Afternoon Workshops

Paintings – A Medium of Emotional Release

How does art heal? The right sort of art results in a catharsis i.e., a release of negative energies or emotional release resulting in harmony and peace. Paintings over the period have evolved as a means for healing. All of us sometime or the other have felt the effect certain paintings have had on us. Either we became sad or we felt happy or even sometimes we felt blank!

Creating Man-Made Materials in the 3D World

The key to creating convincing man-made materials in your 3D application is to increase your ability to “see.” Many people go through life looking but not seeing. As a modeler, you must sharpen your power of observation and study the world around you.

Great Tools For Creating Complex 3D Materials

At the material level, your 3D application offers several material types that are great tools for creating complex materials. They include: Blend Enables unlimited levels of blended and masked materials to be on top of materials on top of materials. Top/Bottom Materials that are different at the top of an object than at the bottom, such as a boat that has sat in the water for a while, or an object that has sat in strong sunlight and faded on the top but not on the bottom.

Is it Really Drawing When You Trace Pictures or is it Cheating?

Many drawings are made by hand with a tool and regardless of them being traced or draw free hand they are still being draw and traced, you trace the subject/picture with your eyes to guide your hand in the direction you want your lines to go. If you draw something that did not exist before then it must have some basic intrinsic value because now it exists, where as before it did not, it has a hard substantial state.

The Wood Map and the 3D Material

Wood in itself does not produce a fictional or special effect material. When you use the wood map outside of its intended context, however, you begin to see its possibilities. For instance, you can use the Wood map in the Bump Map channel to produce grainy scales for a snake-like skin.

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