Makeblock Xtool D1 Laser cutter review and overview of the machine and software engraving

Makeblock Xtool D1 Laser cutter review and overview of the machine and software engraving

Andrew Chase Metal Sculpture

Andrew Chase is a sculptor in his free time, and is a commercial photographer as well as furniture maker career in Salt Lake City where he also lives with his family and cats. Andrew is an assemblage artist who creates metal sculptures created from recycled auto and plumbing pieces, and takes anywhere from 80 to 120 hours from beginning to completion.

Recycled Sculptures by Brian Mock

Every day, people throw away hundreds of items they have no more use for. These items range from paint to watches to toys and computers. Most of these items end up languishing in landfills, where they take years to decompose; some items never do, and just sit there, polluting the land.

A Mixed Media Artist Makes Beautiful Assemblage Art

Nadia Iliffe is a mixed media artist who lives in London in the United Kingdom. She takes commissions to make new recycled artwork or even to reproduce a piece she’s already made in order to give it to a museum or corporation. She has worked as a sculptor, photographer, and a graphic designer and has traveled all over the world.

Mark Langan’s Unique Cardboard Art

Mark Langan is an artist who is living in Cleveland, Ohio. He is skilled in many different artistic mediums. Since 2004, he has focused on making art out of cardboard. He uses corrugated boxes, a mat, a cutting edge, a razor knife, and non-toxic glue.

How to Steam Fix Silk Dyes Properly

There are very many sites on the web with tips and hints on how to steam fix pieces of silk that have been painted by hand and there seems to be a lot of confusion as to exactly what is involved. This article is going to take you through the process of how to steam fix silk dyes properly so that you don’t ruin your work.

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