Make Your Own Whiteboard Calendar with Magnets!

Make Your Own Whiteboard Calendar with Magnets!

Anatomy Of A Christmas Card

Once you have the inspiration for a heart felt Christmas card, there are some things you need to know. The best cards have a background, middle ground and foreground. Now, learn what kinds of things look the best in certain areas!

Different Connotations of the Word ‘Frame’

In a conventional sense, “Frame” usually refers to the photo-frame or anything that you use in giving a border. However, in today’s modern world “frame” might also mean a computer or telecommunication tool or a data packet that allow frame synchronization.

Jan Groover – The Formalist Who Celebrates Life

Ms. Groover enjoyed a wide range of artistic expression. The larger than life imagery from her photography found expression in platinum-palladium printing, exaggerated images with brilliant color and luminance. Perhaps this is part of Ms. Groover alignment with formalism. Any shape can captivate.

Cinema 4D – Advanced Rendering and Global Illumination

One of the most impressive features of Cinema 4D is its rendering capability. The ‘Advanced Rendering’ module creates images and movies with objects you can reach out and touch.

What Makes House Portraits A Good Gift

If you are considering on buying some kind of gift for a friend or family member but you are unsure of just what to get, then maybe you should give a thought to surprising them with a lovely piece of art work, such as a portrait fro their home. There are several things in which you can give, but with some art work can surely be a nice addition to any home as this is what makes house portraits a good gift.

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