Make your own glitter HTV with any color Iron on vinyl! layer HTV duplicating and contouring Cricut

Make your own glitter HTV with any color Iron on vinyl! layer HTV duplicating and contouring Cricut

How to Create Your Own Gothic Alphabet

Historically, the ‘Gothic’ alphabet refers to a series of scripts used to write texts in Europe between the 12th and 15th centuries, roughly speaking. These scripts varied in quality, shape and style but they also shared definite characteristics which we still look for in Gothic alphabets today. If you want to design your own instantly-recognizable Gothic alphabet, here is what to aim for.

Heirlooms, Past and Future – Photos on Canvas

Old Photos are fragile specially those who are printed on the 1960s and 1970s. The papers are easy to tore, ideal thing to do is to put them in canvas to make it last a lot longer. We can as well display it to our home to make us remember the special person and occasions in our life.

Drawing Cars Teaches Kids Patience!

Do you want to know how to teach your child to concentrate? I have seen children, girls and boys, draw for hours on a rendering of a car. Why, you ask? I teach people to draw, and there is a direct relationship between how people feel about themselves, and how others see them.

A Good Graphic Design Attracts Potential Buyers

Colorful images give so much impact to people. Colors, fancy fonts, and other part of the images create attractive impact that make people admire whatever item it is that has this certain image. These colorful images are made possible through the use of graphic design. Because of this, item logo, magazine covers, and advertisements to name a few are made attractive and can easily draw the attention of many people.

Looking at Art – How to Really See the Beauty of Art

When you are looking at Art you need the eyes to see. It should be quite straightforward looking at Art, but it’s not. We should be able to just go in there and it should blow us over but it doesn’t. One of the problems that we face is the abject quality of so-called contemporary art created during our lifetimes. It has always been the case that one needs to look very hard to find gold, or kiss many frogs before you find a prince, but it’s never been this difficult.

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