Make your own DIY confetti Cricut Table Scatter snow globe tumbler wedding decorations - Party foil

Make your own DIY confetti Cricut Table Scatter snow globe tumbler wedding decorations – Party foil

Custom Printed T-Shirts For Stag Parties

Custom printed t-shirts are great for making stag parties fun and memorable. Get wild and creative with these ideas for t-shirt designs for a stag party night.

Top 3 Surrealist Artists (In My Opinion)

We’ve all laughed, shrugged, maybe even winced at the work of many of the popular surrealists, but that is often exactly the reaction they wanted. Most modern art exhibits in the world today are booming with selections of many of the popular surrealist artists of yesteryear.

Drawing – 4 Ways to Draw What You See

Drawing what you see is a skill in itself and realising what you want to draw is about incorporating 4 main methods to see what you can draw and how you approach the subject of drawing from observation and these 4 ways help you build on what you want to achieve. Visualize – This is one of the easiest things to do, the act of visualising your subject and how it could look on paper, a little glimpse into the future by looking at the scene for solid reference and imagining what your intended drawing would look like, to…

Simple Steps on How to Draw a Cartoon

A cartoon is a good illustration formed by series of different drawings that movement can be viewed at a faster pace or motion. Cartoons can give a different sense of joy and humor from different style of themes like anime, heroes, fairy tales, anime and many more.

Getting Mixed-Up in the Mixed Media Craze

No matter what your artistic pursuits are at the present time, there is a genre out there right now that is one hot ticket and it is mixed media art. It allows a person to incorporate numerous techniques and objects on canvas and make a statement that is bold with no qualifier necessary. It is popular because it has no limits and that in itself is very freeing to the producer of such unusual works.

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