Make your own custom pet bandana with your cricut or sublimation - Mystery box

Make your own custom pet bandana with your cricut or sublimation – Mystery box

Creative Blocks – 4 Tips For Dealing With Criticism

There is no avoiding criticism. If we’re not getting it from an external source, we give it to ourselves. Even the most well-intentioned suggestion can hit us in the gut like a knock-out punch by Holyfield. This article contains for tips for dealing with Criticism.

Fantasy Art – A History

While fantasy art has some origins in religion, it is more heavily influenced by mythology and folklore. It seems to have evolved in parallel in many different parts of the world, from ancient Greek mythology to African magical traditions and Chinese folklore. Ancient depictions of fantasy artwork hanging in galleries across the world depict images of demons, angels, gods, dragons, and spirits.

Western Art – Anti Art – The U-Turn to Creativity

Anti-Art – The Concept French painter Marcel Duchamp’s (1887-1968) view about his area of expertise, in 1913, gave rise to a new phenomenon, known as Anti-Art. He coined the term to describe the underlying philosophy behind his body of works in ‘Found Art,’ better known as, ‘readymade.’ The Stuckism Manifesto of 2000 justifies Duchamp’s works as Anti-Art, by intent and effect. It further explains that it was the painter’s attempt to rebel against the ‘stale’ and ‘unthinking’ art of the early twentieth century.

Bronze Sculptures – A Mark of the Modern Era

When you say bronze, this would only mean one of the most popular materials being used for sculptures around the world. This is popular now just as it had been, ages ago. It has captured the admiration of sculptors and ancient artists. There are some collections of artifacts that showed evidence of how this metal was used during the ancient times.

Leo Sewell Recycled Art

Leo Sewell is a recycled art expert, who uses self created assemblage techniques in his art. The sculptures Leo Sewell creates are made from reclaimed plastic, wood and metal pieces he collects from museums, corporations and individuals from around the world.

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