Make your own Cupcake sleeves - Cardstock - paper crafting - wrappers - Halloween decorations

Make your own Cupcake sleeves – Cardstock – paper crafting – wrappers – Halloween decorations

Ancient Indian Arts – Possess an Extraordinary Vigor

The relationship between India and art has a long history. The history of art in the nation begins with pre-historic rock paintings, which till date can be seen in several caves in several regions of the country.

Giorgione – Enigma and Creativity Personified in the Italian High Renaissance Age

Italian High Renaissance painter Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco, also known as Giorgione, was born in Castelfranco in the year 1477 or 1478. Based in Venice, he was popular as one of the most enigmatic painters from Europe. He is said to have studied art under the guidance of Giovanni Bellini.

El Greco – A Post-Byzantine, High Renaissance, Mannerist Wave of Creativity

El Greco, real name Domenikos Theotokopolous, is recognized as one of the most innovative artists in the art history. He was born in Candia, Crete (then a part of Venice (Italy) & now in Greece), in 1541, in a well to do Greek orthodox family. It was rumored that Domenikos converted to Catholicism sometime after he travelled to Europe at the age of twenty-six.

Wet on Wet – A Quick Exploration of the Expressive Depths

Also called direct painting style, wet on wet is a unique technique adding a certain quality of softness and luminosity to an artwork. It involves applying the fresh layers of wet paint over an already wet coat. This unconventional painting technique is generally finished in a single session. Traditionally, painters would wait for the first layers of paint to dry up before applying another one. This process could sometimes take days for one coat to dry. Wet on wet is an interesting, quick, and fun way to start painting.

Airbrush Compressor – A Fun Way to Create Art

For much of history, the power that applied and crafted the artist’s image has been human power, but with the ability of man to harness the power of wind brushes have been crafted out of air, so to speak. And nothing has provided more punch to these art instruments than the airbrush compressor, a combination of the force of wind and man’s ability with manufacturing.

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