Silhouette Style Portraits

Personal portraits are a great way of enhancing room decor with your own individual style. There are various ways of creating designer portraits, and silhouette styled portraits are a stylish way of doing so. These portraits highlight the basic outline of the person rather than facial details, giving way to an unusual style of art.

Top 25 Comic Book Superheroes

As the superhero film genre becomes more popular the general public should become more familiar with the comic book characters that spawned this new genre of films. This is a list to provide a starting point for new readers.

Understanding the Two Sides to Any Art Licensing Agreement

In art licensing, a license agreement, or contract, is a written agreement between the Licensor (artist or property owner) and Licensee (manufacturer) where the Licensor gives permission for the Licensee to use their design(s) for a specific period of time, in a specific geographical area on specific products. The way artists make a living in art licensing is by creating art that will appeal to multiple manufacturers for use on their products.

How to Make a Poster When Promoting a Music Gig

A step by step procedure illustrating the method on how to make a poster for a music gig promotion. Use of free graphic software is introduced to help an aspiring musician create a visually eye catching band poster. The software that is introduced is Inkscape and Gimp, and are free to download from the internet.

The Golden Age of Chinese Art

This article will discuss the Gold Age of Chinese art for America and the international community. It will describe how Chinese artworks rose to importance as “art” in the difficult period of the 1930s. It will relate the boom of interest in America to the rise of activity in antiques back in China.

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