Make your own cookie plate - food safe way to use vinyl on a plate - Santa cookies, reindeer treats

Make your own cookie plate – food safe way to use vinyl on a plate – Santa cookies, reindeer treats

Surface Properties in a Real-Time 3D Engine

Surface properties in a real-time engine are almost identical to those in your 3D Application, namely, the smoothing algorithm (flat shading or Gouraud shading only for real time), the color of the polygon, the shininess, opacity, self-illumination, and the Texture map applied to the polygon. These properties generally are defined after the vertex list but before the faces they apply to. In addition, several real-time engines allow colors to be assigned to the vertices themselves, which can create the illusion of the object being lit, without direct lighting being applied to the model.

High Res For Low Res Modeling in the 3D World

When you are working with low polygon counts, it can be extremely difficult to see whether a proper level of detail has been accomplished to make the object clearly recognizable and distinguishable from other similar objects. It can be extremely helpful, therefore, to build a high poly-count “template” object with as much detail modeled as possible, over which to construct a low-count model.

Dealing With the Transformations in the 3D World

When you select both the object whose transform you want to see and Reset Transform from the drop-down menu of the your 3D Application Utilities panel, a bounding box appears that represents the object. A bounding box representation of your object appears. When an object is created, it is automatically aligned to the orthographic viewports.

Improve Your Drawing With Tonal Contrast

Your drawings are OK, but something’s missing? Would you like to make them punchy, dynamic and amazing? Many beginners’ drawings are very good – but a lot of them lack “oomph”…and that is often down to lack of TONAL CONTRAST. Read on for a quick, simple exercise to lift your drawing out of that “beginner” level and boost your confidence in what you can achieve:

What Makes For Professional Quality Audio Visual Production?

In this day and age, here in the Twenty First Century, the truth is that anybody can grab a camera and some assorted equipment and call themselves a professional audio visual production company. The equipment is more affordable than it’s ever been before, and you can get such a company off the ground for less money than it takes to max out a credit card, so there are more and more companies popping up, and it’s becoming more difficult to know how to sort the true professionals from the guys who made a quick trip to the electronics department and consider themselves pros.

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