Make with Cricut before they say "I Do"

Make with Cricut before they say “I Do”

Marketing Ideas For Artists – 7 Tips to Ensure People Remember You

As an artist, you might be very clued up on how to make art, but need some ideas on how to get your art noticed. Here are 7 ways to make sure that you will always be remembered and get people interested in you and your art.

What is a Painting?

Find out what defines a painting. Read about historical paintings.

How to Draw Like Leonardo Da Vinci – Bones and Muscles of Thigh

The years 1510 and 1511, in the career of the Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci, were dedicated to the detailed drawings of human anatomy. In association with Dr. Marcantonio Della Torre, he covered body appendages and vital organs in equal measures.

Hockney Prints

David Hockney prints are an excellent choice for those looking to improve the look of their home or office wall, and cover a great number of styles due to the great length of the artist’s career. This article discusses the best Hockney prints that one can buy and examines his career in detail too.

Do You Have a Broken Glass Sculpture, Vase Or Bowl?

With the help of an experienced glass repair or restoration expert, it is possible to restore most pieces to their original beauty. Not only will this allow you to continue to enjoy pieces that may be important to you or hold special meaning, it can also save you money on replacement costs. You might be surprised at how much today’s replacement cost might be!

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