Make their "To Do" your "Can Do"

Make their “To Do” your “Can Do”

History of Figurative Art

Figurative paintings and sculptures are evidently replica of real objects. Read more on the history of figurative paintings.

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art is a phenomenal change in the mindscape of the art enthusiasts. It was initiated at the end of the 19th century AD and at the beginning of the 20th century AD.

Landscape Art

Landscape painting depicts mainly natural scenery of trees, mountains, forests, river valleys, lakes, and stormy seas or beach in sunset. Read more on landscape art.

Hiring an Expert Book Or Magazine Designer

There are a myriad of logo designers and website designers and general print designers out there, but Book and Magazine Design experts – now there’s a specialised breed that are worth knowing if you’re a writer, publisher or editor. You’ve slaved and sweated over your content to make it as wonderful, readable and worthwhile as you can… so why throw it all away with a non-specialist designer who can’t produce the same quality in their work?

The Story Behind the Success and Popularity of the Mona Lisa Painting

Mona Lisa is the most popular painting till date. The 500th anniversary of the painting was celebrated in 2003-2006. It is at the Louvre at present. It has achieved celebrity status now!

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