Make sticker with Silhouette Cameo - Print then cut

Make sticker with Silhouette Cameo – Print then cut

Jay Garrick – The Golden Age Flash

The red clad Flash is one of the greatest heroes in comics today. But once there was another. Born at the golden age of comics, pay tribute to Jay Garrick- The Original Flash!

Life Drawing – 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Drawing a Nude Model

Surprisingly popular, life drawing is like yoga – and unnecessary indulgence of a pastime but one which produces a good feeling when done well. Most people have certain worries about starting their life drawing class which can be averted by reading this article.

How to Keep Your Comics in the Best Condition Possible

If you’re a comic book reader, you know a good collection can be profitable if you have the right books, but only if they’re in perfect condition. Here’s how to keep your comics in pristine condition.

6 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Have an Online Art Portfolio

With all that time and effort taken to produce a piece of art that you are proud of it would be a shame not to share it with everyone. By creating an online art portfolio you can create a visible and organised record of years of work.

How to Improve Photo Quality With Quick Steps on the Photoshop

Open your photo on through Photoshop, so you can make some changes to improve the photo quality. The first step you are going to be done is cropping. There is a “Crop Tool” named crop that will help you to focus on the subject rather than the environment. Some people want to include the view around the subject, but mostly it makes the picture lees focus. Using cropping technique, remove elements of photo you won’t to include. Find the icon and then you will be given a box that allows you to keep a particular area of photo.

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