Make Paper Craft Home Decor on Your Cricut * Hygge-Inspired 3D Layered Shadow Box!

Make Paper Craft Home Decor on Your Cricut * Hygge-Inspired 3D Layered Shadow Box!

Western Art – German Romanticism – A Route to the Insight of the Innermost

Towards the end of the 18th century, Europe saw major political, social, and cultural changes, brought about by the Industrial Revolution. Logic and science were given precedence over emotion or faith. As a direct reaction to the Enlightenment Era, a highly complex and intellectual artistic movement called Romanticism started to gain prominence.

Western Art – Shaped Canvas – The Fundamentals of Painting

Shaped Canvas – The Concept and History Conventionally, most of painting canvasses are rectangular and are used with landscape or portrait orientation. By the 1930s, apart from the styles of painting, the artists began experimenting with the shapes and forms of the canvas bases. All this started in 1934-35 when Abraham Joel Tobias (born, 1913) exhibited his pioneering body of works, known as ‘Sculptural Paintings.’ The paintings were executed on canvasses of different shapes and sizes, mounted on complex design frames to achieve desired results. However, shaped canvas painting has ancient roots, extending back up to the Gothic and Renaissance Periods. Gothic and Renaissance pieces often carried tapering tops. Renaissance Painters like Raphael used ‘Tondo’ or circular canvas for painting religious themes, mostly those featuring Madonna. Baroque and Rococo painters often employed oval-shapes canvasses for their ornate paintings.

Western Art – Modular Constructivism – A Structured Style of Sculpturing

Dating back to over 5000 years, the history of Western Art has a colorful background. Right from the Prehistoric Period to the present generation, the Western artists, especially in Europe and Russia, have managed to spread and popularize their much-loved art form.

Claude Monet

Discover the art of Claude Monet, and read about his fascinating life in the French art world. Monet is one of the world’s most celebrated artists, and there is a good wealth of information on him in this article.

How to Avoid Overworking a Pencil Drawing

How do you know when a pencil drawing is finished? Here are some tips to avoid overworking that piece!

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