Make more with Cricut Maker® 3

Make more with Cricut Maker® 3

Modern Abstract Art In The Late 20th And Early 21st Century

From the cubism of Picasso in the early part of the 20th century to the latest up-to-date showing at that avant-garde gallery in town, abstract art has been all about change. Purveyors of modern abstract art will take commissions, true, and hew to a set of instructions, yet the art that is for sale in galleries has a rich history of styles to choose from, fauvism and Dadaism and lyrical abstraction. The electronic methods of making art have not been neglected, as anyone who has ever attended a hologram display can attest.

Advantages of Hand Painted Portraits

Hand painted portraits have numerous advantages over the mass produced framed and matted prints that are usually done by the mechanical devices. The most popular kind of portrait is the canvas oil painting that obviously is more elegant and lovely compared to the common canvas prints.

How I Create My Artwork

One of the most common questions I get asked as an artist, and one of the hardest to answer is “How do you create your artwork?” Or variations on that theme. I’m not saying that I’m gripped with terror at the thought of the question, or having to actually answer it, but I do have to resist the flippant answer of “I cut up some pictures and glue them together.

How to Choose Photo Paper

Printing a digital photo marks the end of the picture taking process. Previously it was necessary to send the picture to the lab for printing, but with the advancement of technology it has become possible to print pictures at home with a printer. But it is very important that right type of photo paper is selected in order to get excellent prints sitting at home.

How to Begin With Pastels – The Benefits of Learning Something New

Many artists are put off and don’t really don’t know how to begin with pastels. If you’re open to learning new things you’ll find that pastels offer benefits that makes them such a brilliant medium to work with.

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