Why Storyboard Artists Commonly Turned to Pornographic Magazines for Reference Material

When I arrived on my first day I was astonished to see numerous pornographic magazines casually littering the desks. I’m not prudish by nature and it’s not as if my time at art school was anything but an eye opener; I was all geared up ready to impress and thought I had it all figured out, but this truly threw my focus.

Be Remembered for Your Use of Art Supplies

Using art supplies to create your very own masterpiece will enable your memory to live on forever. Many well-known painters like Vincent Van Gogh failed to find fame and fortune during their lifetime but went onto to achieve respect and recognition long after their death because of the quality of their paintings. There are many reasons why painters might not get the recognition they deserve while they are alive because maybe they were too dedicated to their craft to promote their work or they possibly created art that was too experimental for their peers….

Birthdays Are Special Days – Birthday Cards Are Special Cards!

There are very few days in a person’s life that are more important than their birthday. The birthday is a celebration of the day when a person came into the world and the contributions that person has made and will continue to make. During this special day, people like to be remembered for anything that they take pride in doing or place value on.

Ancient Egyptian Pottery – Uses and Symbolic Meaning

Ancient Egyptian Pottery was produced by the ancient Egyptians from as early as 5000 BC. The sculptures produced were both highly stylized and symbolic.

The Easy Way to Work Out Print Enlargement Sizes

When enlarging prints, most people start by specifying the final size they’d like their print to be, without actually referring to the original image. They usually do this because they wish to fit a frame or a particular wall area. Unfortunately images have a fixed ratio (length to width) so when your enlarging or reducing an image you can’t choose any size you want: it has to relate to the original ratio of the image. Otherwise the image will either look stretched or squashed once its printed. Here’s a method you can use to work out correct print enlargement sizes.

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