Make It LIVE! Merry Christmas Lights Door Hangers

Make It LIVE! Merry Christmas Lights Door Hangers

Artist Tip For Painting in Early Morning Light

In an early morning painting on the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, the shadows are made up of warm colors. Artist, Rod Cameron, offers this insight into the color temperature that he used, and gives artists a good rule of thumb when selecting colors for shadows.

Constable Paintings

John Constable, alongside JMW Turner, was a key British artist who left a mark on the art world and it’s development from the middle ages, through Renaissance into the contemporary art movements that we enjoy today. These two artists pushed the renaissance traditional art styles into a more emotional and colourful world which inspired the rise of impressionism and other famous French artists.

Anatomy 101 of Original Oil Paintings

We admire them, they are the great treasures of the art world. Why do oil paintings look the way they do and why have some not held up so well while others have? The elements of an oil painting and what this meant to artist.

Tips For Graphic Designers

The demand for freelance graphic designers is increasing as more and more people are developing their websites. People in almost every business sector want to have their own web presence and need skilled designers to perform that successfully.

What is Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze Isn’t Bronze At All. It is Copper with a Patina Finish. The other answer is that Oil Rubbed Bronze can be anything the manufacturer or crafts-person wants it to be.

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