Make It LIVE! Christmas in July Gingerbread Houses Door Hangers

Make It LIVE! Christmas in July Gingerbread Houses Door Hangers

Abstract Canvas Art – Endless Possibilities

Abstract art has risen in popularity ever since its invention which is mainly attributed to the world famous Kandinksy. The Abstract movement has taken over living rooms across the globe but why?

Good Design

When you look at a piece of art what draws you to it? Although art and design are subjective, there are principles of design that cross all art forms from, architecture to painting. Here are a few principals that good design follows.

Yes, There Is Art In The Ever-Changing Shape Of A Sand Dune

How would an artist capture a shape that changes minute by minute with the capricious wind? A holographic depiction of a dune could do this for a time, but then even a holographic dune rendition runs in an endless loop and repeats itself ad infinitum. No, better to have a dune painting on canvas, so that one particular moment in the life of a shifting dune can enliven your wall.

Pop Art Paintings – Art Pulled From Popular Culture

The visual art movement known as Pop Art began in Britain during the middle of the 1950s. It later moved into the United States culture by the end of this same decade. Pop Art paintings are usually of characters that are popular in advertising, comic books, and anyone else who plays a large part in mass culture.

Antique Oil Paintings – Great For Home Decoration

Antique oil paintings are often viewed as something the elite upper class has an interest in. However, as more people become focused on improving how their home is decorated inside even the common person has also started to take an interest in them. Their ease of access in many small shops around the world has brought light to the fantastic visions these pieces of art bring to the world.

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