Make It Forward, The Birthday Party Project

Make It Forward, The Birthday Party Project

Impressionist Paintings – An Overview

Impressionist paintings date back to well over a century. It is something that Monet actually begun with his painting Impression, Sunrise. A critic coined the term and in no time it became a form of painting that many artists have done over the past century.

Understand Their Beauty – Van Gogh Paintings

Van Gogh paintings are without a doubt, some of the most beautiful paintings that you will be able to find. No matter what you are looking for or what your current home decor happens to be, you will be able to find a Van Gogh painting that will fit your needs. Look for these paintings to speak to you, finding a painting that you can get lost in is something that is important.

Oil Reproductions – As Good As the Real Thing

Oil reproductions are a great way for you to be able to get the look of a classic piece without having to worry about the price. These artists make a living off of making replicas of famous artists.

Decorate Your Home With Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are a great way to compliment the decor of your home. You will find that no matter what your style is, there is an oil painting that will be able to really tie your room together.

Art Marketing – How to Get Yourself Known As an Artist – Top 10 Ways

We live in a world where perception is what matters not the reality. Most people form opinions and make decisions based on what they “perceive” to be the reality and not what the actual reality is. In the world of business and especially the Art business, people consider some people as “experts” and attach more value to that Artist’s work because they are better known.

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