Make Infusible Ink Coasters

Make Infusible Ink Coasters

How to Draw an Old Man

Human figures are the toughest and the most challenging ones to draw. While being realistic, they have to capture the imagination and creativity of an artist as well. With aged figures, the job gets trickier due to weak frames and wrinkles. In the case of human figures, the basic shapes and proportions largely remain the same. For drawing different types of old men, you can experiment with various kinds of shapes, like for drawing a fat man you can use an oval, whereas to draw a short old man you can use small ovals, rectangles, & small circles.

How to Draw an Old Lady

Drawing an Old Lady: To begin with, portray an old woman facing us. We shall draw the portrait of a female up to her bust. Let us start with imagining any old woman next door for reference.

Where to Get Inspiration for Your Craft

Running out of ideas lately? Losing your edge in making handmade items? Does sounding off emotions through your craft seem like the only preoccupation left on earth? Well, you shouldn’t give up. There are lots of people like you who are also sometimes getting beaten down by lack of inspiration.

Learn How to Paint Like Rembrandt

Discover how to paint like Rembrandt. Also discusses his influences and simple steps to follow for portraiture.

The Magnificent Photos To Canvas

All of us love photographs. In almost all the homes there are photographs on the wall. It can be of nature, family photograph or even of your last vacation with family or friends. The most seen are the family photos. Photographs are not only meant for homely d├ęcor but they are also used in offices as a decorative item.

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