Make Dishwasher safe photo mugs with the Cricut mug press - Sublimation

Make Dishwasher safe photo mugs with the Cricut mug press – Sublimation

Care For Your Portrait Painting

Like other valuable materials, portrait painting must be also cared to maintain its beauty. Thus, a proper maintenance and practices towards your painting will allow it to live longer.

How to Draw Astrid

From the recently released 3D animation motion picture ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ some characters have become the latest fad. The protagonist, Hiccup and his trainee-friend Astrid lead the pack.

There is a Small Distinction Between Art and Graphic Design

Tons of people purchased this famous designer’s ‘I Love NY’ items in the forms of buttons, t-shirts and bumper stickers. You’ve probably seen his ‘I Love NY’ advertising blitz; innumerable amounts of bumper stickers, t-shirts and buttons flooded the state.

The Pros and Cons of Using Oil Pastels

Many pastel artists shy away from using oil pastels for a variety of reasons. Using them is different to soft pastels and they do have some disadvantages however, these can be overcome. There certainly are some benefits to oil pastels that you can’t get with the other types of pastels.

How to Draw a Monstrous Nightmare

The success of the 3D animation movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ has regenerated public interest in the original novel by Cressida Cowell. Nearly all of its lead characters have become a craze among children. This does not apply only to the protagonists, but also the main villains, the Monstrous Nightmare dragon breed. These destructive creatures reflect their true nature in their appearance. If your wish to portray a Monstrous Nightmare in action on your drawing board, you need a very good understanding of proportions and alignments. The following systematic guide is designed to help you bring the ‘villain’ on your drawing board:

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