Make Custom Wonder Woman™ Projects with Cricut

Make Custom Wonder Woman™ Projects with Cricut

Art Deco in Havana

The fascinating Art Deco style arrived to Cuba shortly after 1925. The city of Havana is a treasure trove of Art Deco architecture and visual arts, especially sculpture. This is the third in a series of articles about Cuban art.

Michelangelo’s Finest Architectural Drawings

This article outlines some of the highlights from one particular strand of Michelangelo’s career. Drawings were fundamental to much of his work, and several architectural plans were created by the artist as his commissions became bigger and more illustrious.

Graphic Designers Can Create Masterpieces

A business is something that is created because people want to be able to help others and make money in the process. There are several different options when designing the marketing material for the business. Graphic designers are going to make sure that every piece is created with the company in mind.

Famous Michelangelo Drawings From The Renaissance

Learn more about the most famous drawings from the career of master Michelangelo. This skilled artist serves as a key figure in the study of art history, and the anatomical drawings of this artist influenced many that followed on afterwards.

How to Screen or Digitally Print Vinyl Banners

I have received several questions regarding vinyl (flexible PVC) banners that I am going to answer over the next few articles. The first is, “What type of paint does one use on vinyl banners?” The answer is that we don’t use “paint” per se on vinyl banners, although there may be some craft type stores that sell such a product. Coming from the commercial side of vinyl banners, though, there are about three main methods to print banners.

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