Make and Apply a Sticker for a Tumbler

Make and Apply a Sticker for a Tumbler

Modern Artist Paul Klee – History and Works in History of Art

Klee has been acknowledged with various forms of art such as Abstract art, Cubism, Expressionism art, Surrealism, Futurism but most of the times his art paintings, art prints and art posters are not easy to classify. He invented new art trends in his own way while he worked in complete isolation from his colleagues to do something different.

The Painting and Its Purpose

The purpose of art is washing off the dust of our daily life. Art can mesmerize us and bring us to new reality or to new world where we would be able to enjoy all the pleasant things around us.

Jack Humphrey – A Canadian Artist

I came across Jack Humphrey’s work accidentally and was quite taken by his rugged and honest style. I found his work quite captivating. Jack Humphrey was a Canadian Artist who spent time in his early career to master the techniques of watercolour and draughtsmanship.

Themes, Passions, and Inspirations: The Art of Thomas Brunger

Thomas (Tom) Brunger’s artwork has been admired and respected by collectors, museums, and critics throughout his career. Tom started painting in small room inside his home until his inspiration and creativity gradually filled the house with canvases and sculptures. He is now ensconced in a studio on the historic North Side of Pittsburgh.

Selecting and Collecting Original Art

Talk to a collector of original art and ask how that person selected a painting, piece of sculpture, pottery. Ask: “how did you select your art?” Most people answer: “Because I liked it. I only buy what I like.”

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