Make an Infusible Ink Makeup Bag

Make an Infusible Ink Makeup Bag

Artist Brushes – Different Varieties and Styles

Painting beautiful pictures displays the sheer talent of the artist and this is done with the help of artist brushes. As different painters use different kinds of paints and brushes, there is no standard paint brush that can be considered as the best. Over a million varieties of paint brushes can be found these days.

Computer Generated Imagery – A New Dimension to Cinema

Computer generated imagery techniques are creating new waves in the field of computer graphics or precisely three dimensional computer graphics to special effects in films. Now a days CGI is also been used in video games and computer games.

Billy Boys Vettriano

The Billy Boys is one of the best known paintings by famous Scottish painter Jack Vettriano and this article covers it in full, alongside another of his classic works up to now, The Singing Butler. Few painters from Scotland have the same level of reputation and public approval as Jack Vettriano.

House Portraits

House Portraits are an artist’s conception of a home or residence. For decades people have enjoyed having a work of art that is their home.

The Meeting of Gautier, Count of Antwerp, and His Daughter, Violante by Giuseppe Cades

The painting “The Meeting of Gautier, Count of Antwerp, and his Daughter, Violante” by Giuseppe Cades is a gracious and flowing work of art that hangs in the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago. Everything about this painting is gracious and flowing.

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