Make a Whimsical Christmas Tree with Ornaments - Kraft Board, Chipboard, or Acrylic!

Make a Whimsical Christmas Tree with Ornaments – Kraft Board, Chipboard, or Acrylic!

Job Planning: Become a Graphic Artist

The job of a graphic designer or artist is to utilize a combination of their creative talents and various software programs to design unique images for their clients to use as communication tools to get a message out to their target audience. Graphic designers employ their creative abilities and computer software to formulate images utilized by clients to express themselves to people with a multitude of backgrounds.

Buy Artwork Today – 7 Motives

Why do people buy artwork? There are several motives, which I will discuss here.

Collage Artists

Collage is the most important invention in art from the 20th century, which is said with confidence since there is nothing parochial about the medium. It’s attracted international artists and it has been adapted to any or all styles of two-dimensional work.

Inuit Art Vs Stock Market: Strategic Investing Similarities

It is not always easy to find a perfect way to invest your savings. There are many parallel similarities between investing your money in the Stock market, or investing in Inuit art.

How to Take Good Reference Photos for Line Art Illustrations

The old saying “garbage in, garbage out” applies to reference photos for line art illustrations. If the quality of the reference photo isn’t very good, the artist is going to have trouble discerning the detail they need to make a high quality image. One of the earmarks of line illustration is sharp detail. A good reference photo helps an artist see the detail they need to include, and enhance, in a line art illustration, but taking a good reference photo is not a simple matter of pointing and clicking. Here are some tips that will help you take good reference photos for line art illustration so you can streamline the process, save money, and produce better quality results.

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