Make a Smart Vinyl Decal with Cricut Maker 3

Make a Smart Vinyl Decal with Cricut Maker 3

How to Choose the Correct Photograph to Create a Canvas Print

Choosing the correct photograph to create a canvas print can be difficult. Find out how to select the perfect photo.

La Tierra De Luna – Meeting Heriberto F Luna

A canvas is spread across the wall of his studio. In its beginning stages, it is a representation of “The Universal Game,” a Mayan story about the elevation of human consciousness in the astral world. “The Universal Game” represents the evolution of the soul to a balance of the polar opposites, light (love, joy) and dark (fear, pain).

Cinema 4D – MoGraph Module

Cinema 4D comes offers many add on, ‘plugin’ modules and a very rich developer community. One of the most popular and a definite ‘must try’ is ‘MoGraph’ an animation wonder.

Cinema 4D – Creating a Video Cube

The Cinema4D world of materials and textures allows you to use your own images and even a video as a material. Creating a video cube is a great introduction.

C4D Textures – Reflection

C4D textures and reflection. There’s nothing more captivating than a natural reflection. We see it in nature with water and mist. We see it in our everyday environment with polished surfaces, mirrors, and natural reflectors.

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