Make a Smart Vinyl Decal with Cricut Explore 3

Make a Smart Vinyl Decal with Cricut Explore 3

A Birthday Love Collage

For my birthday, as a present to self, I committed myself to only doing activities which I felt so inclined. I outfitted myself in a lovely 1950’s style cobalt blue floral dress given to me by my dear J and am ready to set off on a day filled with art and leisure. As a starting point, I know I want to make a love collage.

How to Draw a Beaver

Beavers are often tagged as ‘natural engineers’ because of their unique ability to build dams near streams and rivers to form ponds. This flat-tailed semi-aquatic rodent can be commonly found in North America, Canada, Mexico, and parts of Europe. Herbivorous, they love eating plants (water lilies, cottonwood, & willow), leaves, roots, green bark, & shrubs. They live in lodges, which they build in water with the help of leaves, branches, twigs, and mud.

How to Draw Like Leonardo Da Vinci – The Bones and Muscles of the Calf

Renowned multitalented genius, Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy in the year 1452. His wide-ranging interests spanned from various faculties of science to fine arts and literature. Throughout his career, he continued making his mark as an undisputed leader in drawing & painting, while honing his skills in applied sciences. His love for pencil & ink sketching and study of human body crystallized under his mentor, Andrea del Verrocchio in the form of a series of anatomical drawings.

Use Funky Vinyl Graphics to Enhance the Look of Your Car Or Bike

Vinyl Graphics are the latest in the line of graphic designing and they are sure to add a degree of spunk and attitude in your car, bike, truck or any other equipment or accessory that you choose to flaunt. There are many who are still apprehensive about the use of vinyl graphics on their expensive automobile surfaces for fear of the adhesives used proving to be corrosive.

Rolf Remains Young With Art

Australian all-round entertainer Rolf Harris has revealed that painting keeps him feeling young. The antipodean legend turned eighty this year but has shown no signs of slowing down despite his advancing years as he is still enjoying a national tour of his artwork which displays Rolf Harris prints, lithographs and originals.

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