Make a Round Wood Sign

Make a Round Wood Sign

Importance of Warning Street Signs

In order to make traffic under control, installation of warning street signs is very necessary. The MUTCD warning signs give the warning to the drivers about uncommon road hazards and other certain road conditions for safe traveling and prevent accidents.

Renewing Old Media – The Rebirth of Comics

The way we distribute and pay for media is changing at an unprecedented rate. The surprising success of lone creators on the internet is rapidly altering the comics industry, and traditional media outlets are trying their best to keep up.

How Can a Photo Editing Service Help Your Business?

Photos and images speak a lot about the things they portray. Photos are important to individuals and businesses alike. For an individual, the images serve as medium to preserve moments and memories while on the other hand, the images act as a great marketing tool for the businesses. In today’s world, the people at large are attracted more towards photos than anything else. Any advertising campaign, which does not contain any images, will not be able to draw the attention of the people. The consumers do not like reading only plain text and they prefer looking at interesting images.

Won ABC – Mysterious German Writer

Won ABC is a pioneer graffiti artist in Germany, who has contributed a lot in street culture, modern art and publishing. Learn more about his art activity in the following article.

Questions on Decals Applied to Painted Objects and Sticky Carrier Paper Issues

Question: Can I put decals on painted wood? Answer: Generally yes. It depends, of course, on a couple factors. The first factor is how rough is the wood the paint is on? If the wood is very rough, it would need to be sanded well before painting it. Then you can stick vinyl to it. The other factor is how long has it been since the board was painted? Assuming the board was relatively smooth, you should wait, at a bare minimum, a week before applying vinyl decals to it. I recommend 2 weeks, but I’ve been known on occasion to push the limits.

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