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3-D Primitives Can Be Converted Into Nurbs Surfaces

All the standard primitives can be converted into NURBS surfaces by going to the Modify panel, clicking the Edit Stack button and choosing Convert to NURBS Surface. This only works if no modifiers have been applied to the primitive. If you can dream it, you can build it using NURBS.

3D Patch Modeling Uses

Patches can be used to model mostly smooth surfaces. Although the technology can do edges very easily, that type of modeling is best suited for a clean and proper Polygonal model. Creating organic shapes is very easy.

Patches, Edges, and Vertices in CG Animation

A huge benefit of patch models is their capability to represent smooth surfaces easily. Unlike polygonal models, patch models require less detail to represent smoother, more contoured shapes. Patches are made up of components similarly named as a Polygonal model’s.

Building Your Model – Modeling Concepts

Once you have gone through all the labors of preparing to build your model, you are finally ready to get started. Do not worry, the set up is not always a long, involved process. You can usually do most of the pre-work in a few minutes. The most obvious way to build something that already exists is to trace it in your 3D application.

Car Design Sketching – Three Beginner Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Is your work still looking more amateur than professional? Are you failing to impress others because your sketches don’t quite look “right”? Forget rendering for a moment. The chances are you are making mistakes in one of these three fundamental areas.

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