Make a Heart Explosion Box the Easy Way - 4 Layers & Lots of Extras!

Make a Heart Explosion Box the Easy Way – 4 Layers & Lots of Extras!

Size and 3D Animation

If you plan to submit your animation on film, the size is 2048 × 1366 pixels at 24fps. If you are planning to render your project for television, prepare your animations at 30fps and render them out at 640 × 480 (standard NTSC) at 30fps. NTSC stands for the National Television Standards Committee that defined the television video signal for the United States.

How Marbles Are Made

Marbles have been played with since the ancient times, but it is now made of glass that is a lot cheaper. You will see all over people playing with them and it is very interesting how they are made.

Compression and 3D Animation

When you are preparing to render your project, you can choose to render it as individual still images, or if you are rendering out a .mov or .avi file, many 3D applications will compress the movie file as it renders. We have looked a little at the compression issues around still images. Animation media also has compression formats that make the movies smaller so that they can play smoother on a larger variety of hardware.

Moving Onto 3D Animation

Animation (at least the cel-based incarnation) is not a new art form. Well, okay, in comparison to other media like painting, it is brandspanking new, but it has been around long enough for some definite trends to have developed. The most basic tenant of animation is that it is a string of still figures placed together and shown in rapid succession to produce the illusion of movement.

3D Compositing Exercise Using Adobe’s AfterEffects

We will do a compositing exercise using Adobe’s AfterEffects. We will be dealing with softening and blurring reflections within a scene to add a nice reflection fresnel effect. This is a more complex set of renderings than most, but it is important to see how everything goes together in such a complex setting.

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