Make a Faux Stained Glass Window with Vinyl and Sharpie markers!

Make a Faux Stained Glass Window with Vinyl and Sharpie markers!

Why Art?

Art creates the mood and ambiance of your home or office. Whether you wish to create a common theme throughout or create a unique environment for each room; art will allow you to project the real you and a place where you, your family, and your guests immediately feel the comfort or excitement of each room. All homes or offices have the basic furnishings; however, it is the unique art decor pieces that truly set your home apart from others.

Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau is a famous French photographer whose black and white prints are very popular with art buyers in France and across the rest of the world. This article discusses the career and photographs of Robert Doisneau and looks into why he became so popular.

Cinema 4D – Primitives, Disconnect and Split

We introduced ourselves to the ‘disconnect’ command in our last exercise. There is a very similar but distinctly different command that we need to have in our toolbox called split.

Canvas Photos – Great Tool for Photographers

One of the biggest challenges for photographers requiring large prints for sales, auctions, exhibition, or any other such purpose is to get prints of their photos enlarged without having to compromise on the clarity or detaining of the image. Conventional printing methods often fail to deliver the output photographers expect.

Artwork for Beginners: Buying It, Framing It, and Displaying It

To many people, nothing is more daunting than the sight of a big, blank wall. It is a place that offers endless possibilities for the designer or the home owner.

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