Make a Cheers Insert Card

Make a Cheers Insert Card

Using Bitumen In Art

An ever-increasing amount of artists throughout the entire world are using bitumen as they are beginning to discover the many ways in which this medium can enhance their artwork. What is bitumen? Bitumen can be described as a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid which is found in most crude petroleums as well as in some natural deposits, sometimes termed asphalt, it is thick and heavy and has to be heated or diluted before it will flow.

A Pop-Up TV Is a Safe TV!

Most people don’t insure their televisions. A new big screen television can cost thousands of dollars and can be easily damaged beyond repair. A flatscreen TV lift can raise a plasma television out of a storage cabinet or wall feature with seamless, automated motion.

Animatronics and the Human Face

The use of animatronics in the film and entertainment industries constantly pushes the envelope to defy human expectations. Far from being mere props on a set, the robots of today’s films are main characters with as much face time as their living co-stars…

The Most Important Issue Of Good 3D Animation Is Weight

Perhaps the single most important issue of good animation is weight. We all succumb to gravity in every movement we make, and creatures within our 3D universes should do the same. Knowing how to define weight and where to place it will make 3D objects stick to the floor and feel like they are part of the scene rather than a bunch of weightless pixels. Several techniques have been established through the years of traditional cell animation.

Boning Up On 3D Kinematics

What is a segmented character? That is, there is a different object for each body part: one for the thigh, one for the knee, one for the shin, etc. Now when we come to animating the little fellow, the organization or hierarchy of the different body parts becomes very important. The grouping or hierarchical order of your objects is your way of telling which objects are linked to which objects, and in what order.

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