Photoshop – Drawing Freehand Selections

After getting comfortable with the marquee selection tool in Photoshop and the basic options provided, you want a little more flexibility making selections. The lasso tool helps you draw your selections freehand making it much easier to select objects that are made up of multiple shapes.

The Many Uses of Modern Day Airbrushing

Since its invention in the late 1860s airbrushing has always been an easy way to apply paint to almost any surface. Patented by the Stanley brothers, they had a need for coating photographic plates with the need to stop. It was only to be used in a truly marketable way at a much later date by a man named Abner Peeler. He brought this method to a new level by attaching it to a compressor and resigning it for 4 long years.

Andy Warhol Limited Edition Prints Of The 1980’s – These Are The Most Collectable

Andy Warhol was very prolific during the 1980’s. In my opinion he did some of his best prints during that time. Some of his most collectible prints are from the “Ads” (1985), “Endangered Species” (1983) and “Myths” (1981) Portfolios.

Visual Manuscripts

The process of creating a visual journal came to me one time while doing a design for my folder to be used on my portfolio of art collection. Eventually, that discovery coupled with my intention to keep memories and retain work for future references, which included works that I even considered a failure had became to be a passion that ultimately at the same time develop into a personal style that I’ve been searching. As I self-search and analyze each and every aspect of what the world offers I came to my lifetime thesis.

Art Curves

Artists, along with interpreters, used to be seen with awe as if they were somehow magic. With the digital revolution that has all changed of course. But can just anyone sit in front of a computer and punch in something original and beautiful? The answer to that is a qualified ‘no’ but the qualifications behind that are interesting.

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