Machine Calibration: Print Then Cut

Machine Calibration: Print Then Cut

Decorating Your Home With Photos On Canvas

There is a reason people go to the art gallery instead of looking at paintings on a computer screen from the comfort of their home, the reason is simply that paintings look much more appealing on canvas than on an electronic screen, even the most expensive screen can not correctly reproduce the colors of a real painting. However a real painting can quickly cost a lot of money and people looking to decorate their houses with art often can’t afford expensive pieces of art. In recent years it has become very popular to decorate the home with photos on canvas, not only are these much cheaper however often they resemble real paintings.

How to Find a Set of Markers That Last

How soon you will need to replace the marker set you buy today? This article will be focused on finding the longest lasting design, illustration and paint markers, the kinds artists use most often.

How to Make Paper Dolls

Creating paper dolls is an awesome way to create a nice gift. Make it inexpensive by using recycled cardboard, yarn, scrapbook paper, and decorations.

Keeping Your Art and Your Business Organized

Overall, creative people can be categorized into the “right brained” people, with non-linear creative ideas flowing through their minds day in and day out, while “left brained” people are more analytic and linear, thus having a clear overview of what is going on and keeping track of big chunks of information in an organized matter. Because of these different approaches and the tendency for artists to be more focused on the non-linear things in life, keeping organized and taking care of an administration can be a time sucker and a cause for many headaches. Let’s see how we can keep things light and dynamic while keeping track of the most important things in our creative business.

Abstract Art – How to Define It?

Abstract art could be referred to as a creative method of illustrating an artist’s view of the world not just the physical but also the ethereal. In contrast to other art forms, abstract art emphasizes ideas or imagination, expressed on canvas or other mediums. The emphasis is more on the artist’s perspective of how they see the world than on traditional technique and discipline.

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