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The Trend Towards Wearable Art

Art always pushes boundaries and forces re-interpretation and there’s no reason why the vehicles that showcase fine art shouldn’t change as well. Art has been featured on museum walls, in galleries and studios, on greeting cards and billboards and many other traditional and contemporary settings.

What Are We Doing to Arts Education?

“The Arts” and “Culture”. These are two terms that are thrown around in today’s society, but what have they really come to mean? Have what were once profound and highly developed concepts recently been pushed towards obsolete, or worse, a mere tool for other endeavors?

Sketch a Painting

If you are pencil artist who would like to paint, then watercolor pencils are the perfect medium for you! The watercolor pencil is actually just a water soluble colored pencil. This means that you can draw fine details and blend them with water. Read more for info on techniques and personal experience using watercolor pencils.

What Every Artist Should Know About Reproductions – 10 Simple Things Artists Should Know

The opportunity to create a reproduction of our painting has never been easier. From simple reproductions at home to “Giclee” prints created by printers using the latest technology, every artist has the opportunity to reproduce their work in a myriad of ways that can provide new opportunities for distribution and revenue.

How to Determine Comic Book Condition

Comic book collecting has been popular since the 1960’s, and today it can actually be a big business. If you’re the owner of some key issues, including first appearances of comic book characters, or first issues of a popular and enduring series, you could make some good money selling them. The thing is, the comics have to be in really good condition.

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