Live Q&A and mystery box launch! ?

Live Q&A and mystery box launch! ?

Adobe After Effects CS5 – Even More Animation Shortcuts

Adobe provides an index page for keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes you think the shortcuts themselves could be a college course but they really are great time savers. The one you use often you commit to your finger’s memory and the others will always be there, at that universal Adobe web site.

A Memorable Gift Selection – Canvas Print

Guarantee the perfect gift. Send a Canvas print gift voucher, it’s not just a gift, it’s a memory!

Adobe After Effects CS5 Animation Helpers

Adobe After Effects CS5 provides a lot of tools and helpers to make your animation easier. Whether its built in calculators to help you with your math, or grid layouts to help with your geometry, taking advantage of the extra tools can make your compositions extra cool.

Storyboarding – Planning Produces the Best Results

Those in the film, video or television production industries know the importance and role that storyboarding plays in communicating the vision to all involved in the production, creating a consistent and unified approach to the initial vision and final outcome. As there are many people involved in such productions, the storyboard also acts as a collaborative tool, which widely informs what resources are required at what stage of the film or video production, including staff, actors, motion graphics and editing.

How Virtual World Design is Changing Our Online Experiences

Virtual world design has changed the way people interact online. Learn about how people use virtual world design today.

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