Learn to choose between No Mat, Mat or Multiple Ways

Learn to choose between No Mat, Mat or Multiple Ways

Iconfu – Icons For You

I came across Iconfu on a comment board I frequent from time to time, Y-Combinator. It’s a somewhat simple online tool for people to build icons for various purposes.

Rolf Harris Art Tour Continues

Art enthusiasts have been able to indulge their love for Rolf Harris as his national tour continued last week. The Australian entertainment legend was at the Whitewall Gallery in Bournemouth on June 11th to promote his ‘A Life in Art’ exhibition, which featured a number of limited edition Rolf Harris prints.

Learning Face Painting Online

Face painting is not a new concept. It was present at the time when tribes used to paint their faces before going to combat. There were different designs made on the face to give a vicious look and usually the area around eyes & cheeks was painted.

An Exploration Into New York Style Graffiti

Our tempestuous history with modern graffiti can be traced along the LIRR tracks into the city. This unsolicited artistic expression surfaced in New York City in the late 1960’s. “Tags” appeared in subway cars asserted by teens with permanent markers, to broadcast their name and street number.

Seven Tips on What to Look For in a Great Art Teacher

You have a passion for creating art and don’t know where to start? You could benefit from a great Art Teacher. It’s always a good idea to know what to look for in an Art Teacher, here are seven key points to look for.

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