Learn to choose between No Mat, Mat or Multiple Ways

Learn to choose between No Mat, Mat or Multiple Ways

Indian Portraits 1560 to 1860 at the National Portrait Gallery – Review

A review of ‘Indian Portraits 1560 to 1860’ at the National Portrait Gallery, London. This is a little gem of a free exhibition, which attempts to cover the development of portraiture as a genre in India from the court of the Mughals until the British Raj.

Five Interesting, Yet Obscure, Facts About Vincent Van Gogh

The man credited with having the most influence on modern art, Vincent Van Gogh, was an enigmatic and troubled genius. Discover some startling facts about this impressionist painter that will change the way you look at the man.

Marketing Fine Art Online

Art has a way of appealing to many people in many different ways. Fine art also has a wide audience of fans who appreciate high quality works of art whether it’s a painting, sculpture or modern design. Finding fine art isn’t always easy though. Sure you can visit a museum or gallery and view priceless works of art that are not for sale and if on the market would probably fetch a good seven figures to start the bidding. Or you can use the Internet to find an amazing selection of fine art in many forms online at artist’s websites and galleries.

The Only Way to Really Learn Adobe Photoshop Elements

If you are currently baffled by your Photoshop Elements software, don’t despair yet. There are a whole range of video tutorials online that will help you to learn Photoshop Elements fast.

Are You Seeking a Canvas Printing Service to Help Make the Perfect Gift?

It is amazing just how far gifts have come in recent times. Gone are the chocolates, flowers, socks and hankies given to celebrate a special occasion. A perfect gift that is gaining well-deserved credit available on the market today is a canvas print. This is due to the advancement of digital photography and its associated printing and developing technology.

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