The Now of Then: Repurposing the Past in Jewelry Design

This January turned the page of a whole new decade and the promise of a new year. With technology ruling the day, I long for a little balance by looking back. There is something riveting about the austere beauty in objects that, refined in their day, now appear heavy handed. These items represented change, innovation, forward momentum.

Bring Graffiti Indoors!

Despite being around for centuries, only recently has graffiti reached a status never before thought possible. The fluidity, movement, colors and creative passion used in creating urban street graffiti has elevated its status to’ legitimate art form’. Prominent galleries around the world now display graffiti artwork alongside better known styles like impressionism, realism and cubism. Highly sought after graffiti artists, such as the British street artist, Bansky, are celebrated alongside Dali, Picasso, Renoir and Rockwell.

The Sculpture Garden: A Cultural Resource Point in ABU, Zaria

The Sculpture Garden The Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria has been labeled as one of the biggest university south of Sahara. It is one of the earliest universities established in Nigeria which has contributed to educational development of the nation in various fields: Engineering, sciences, arts, etc. One of the factors which make the university so popular is the fact that, it is located in the ancient city of Zaria which historically is considered as one of the powerful kingdoms in Africa once ruled by a woman: Queen Amina.

Information About Graphite Pencils

Recently I’ve been working on a drawing and I wanted more pencils so I can achieve the kind of realism that I want. I got a pack of Kimberly Graphite Pencils from Micheals arts and crafts store. In the package I got 10 different grades of pencils which gives me a good range of light and dark.

Photoshop – Selections and Masks

We have been exploring selection and channels, how these Photoshop features add so much to your creative potential. Blending these tools with masks opens up another world all its own. Masks let you combine objects and migrate objects. You friend can be standing in the Himalayas, your product can be sitting on the President’s desk.

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