Layering HTV in one press Cricut hack - Glitter HTV layered

Layering HTV in one press Cricut hack – Glitter HTV layered

How to Be a PRO 3D Vray Artist? Chapter #2 – System Configuration

Hey all, Alex here, just about to give you some really practical tips to set up your WORK FLOW the right way. Let me just introduce this chapter and to give a word about what do I mean by saying “System Configuration”. This is a part where you get technologically improved, to configure the system perfectly suites you.

Framing and Matting – See How to Give Extra Worth to Your Painting

It is said that painting is very important for an artist. It is not that you just put your painting on to canvas or the paper, but I would say presenting your masterpiece is also equally important. It gives extra worth to your painting and makes it look complete. You can complete them by framing or matting. Let’s learn that how easy it is to give more worth to your painting.

Learn How to Face Paint Online

The concept of face painting came in to being when combatant tribes used to blacken their faces before going to combat. The designs were specially made to look more vicious and precarious. They usually painted around eyes and cheeks.

Wise Investment in Availing of Hand Painted Portraits

Hand painted portraits are popular in the field of art. So, ff you want to avail one, make sure that your are getting the service of the right company.

How to Be a PRO 3D Vray Artist? Chapter #3 – Additude

Hi Gang, Alex here and today I want to publish this last chapter of “How to be a PRO 3D Vray Artist” and talk about one of the most important things, and that is “Attitude”, in other words, how do you arrange your work, how do you plan your moves, how do you find potential clients in the Internet and how do you work with them. This is really about the “Healthy way of Communication”, so you will not damage your self or your business and gather grate reputation among CG community. I’ll try to cover the most…

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