layering a vinyl decal on a stainless steel tumbler – Shorts Tutorial

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Andy Warhol Paintings

Andy Warhol was responsible for the introduction of a new school of thought in painting. Before Andy Warhol, painting was considered to be the something related to the depiction of the elites and the aristocrats.

Photoshop Vs Illustrator

What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator? Well before we answer this question, let’s have a look at one important facts. Many designers tend to use…

Visual Art and the Fate of the Pop Song

“If you don’t know this song you’re not cool” quickly becomes “how can you still be listening to That?” Art reproduction, pop songs, and the fate of all things common.

Where to Acquire Flower Oil Paintings

Have you ever walked into an art gallery or show and seen the most amazing flower oil paintings? Since they are an artist’s personal work, they are usually very unique and completely original. How can you find one that is made for you or that is affordable to decorate your home?

Starting to Paint – Your New Career in Art

“I can’t paint” is a phrase I really hate to hear. You will have heard it said that everyone can paint.

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