Layer decals in Design space - multicolored SVG with contour

Layer decals in Design space – multicolored SVG with contour

The First Steps to Becoming an Artist

Becoming an artist is not as difficult as you may think. Of course like everything in life it will take some work, patience, and training to become a really good artist. But like with anything, you need to take the first initial steps and learn the in and outs before you can become a professional artist. Here is a brief rundown of what those first steps are and where you need to start.

Basic Tips For Beginner Artists

Understand first that you are not going to be a professional artist without practice and time. I know you want to learn to draw and be a good artist instantly but for 99% of people that is just not going to happen. Here are a few tips and advice to help you pump out some decent drawings immediately.

Not Inspired? Tips For the Christian Artist on Getting Out of That Slump

Are you a Christian artist that is in a rut producing the same kind of artwork over and over again? Your way out may easier than you think!

How to Make a Slideshow – Tutorial

Like lots of people, you probably know of old pictures scattered about the house, with photos in a multitude of scrapbooks. There may even be pictures that you’ve forgotten about, but have a search around your old drawers and you may even find some old films that need developing. Check out that shoe box in the wardrobe, you never know what little treasures you will find. Now collect all of these pictures together and read on to discover how to make a slideshow.

Fabric Painting – Creativity of a Different Class

Fabric painting is believed to be comparatively a modern and recent art form than conventional painting on canvas. However, the truth is that painting on fabrics is a practice that began as early as in 3000 BC. When Alexander visited India in 327 BC he is said to have been mesmerized by the beauty and variety of fabric painting in the country. But now through so many years it has evolved so much to become a very important division of painting.

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