July 2020 Viewer Mail

July 2020 Viewer Mail

Glass Blowing Art

Over the last few years, glass blowing art has become increasingly popular. This fantastic art form takes a great deal of practice and skill to perfect. Glass blowing can be dangerous but if the correct safety rules are followed, it is very safe.

A Day at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Minneapolis has been dubbed the “Mini Apple” as it has more art and culture venues than any other US city outside New York. Not everyone would agree with this but it certainly has some cultural highlights worth experiencing while you are there. One of these is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Identity Work – Graphic Design for Logotypes

A few hints and tips when commissioning or designing an Identity for your business, product, service etc. A look at why it is worth looking in to brand guidelines.

Consider These Art Supplies That Serious Artists Will Appreciate

This article talk about the different art supplies that you can present as a gift to your friends and relatives. It especially highlights items which will be of prime importance to an artist.

The Vintage Bus Roll Emerges As a Leading Design Trend

Bus rolls and subway signs have emerged as one of the leading design trends of the past year, with these vintage transit sign recreations being seen in some of the world’s top stores and publications. These signs are distinctive for their antique style font and the stark contrast of a black background against a cream colored type set.

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