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Important Tips About Properly Framing Pastel Artwork

It’s one of the disadvantages of painting with pastels and that is that the finished painting really should be “under glass”, in other words – framed. Here are three tips for framing pastel artwork.

Pablo Casado – Someone to Watch Over Us

Pablo Casado was born in 1968 in the northern city of Burgos. This is an area of Spain in which climatic extremes are endured by people endowed with uncommon resilience and a no nonsense approach to life. Perhaps this is the source of the solidity, the sincerity that permeates Casado’s work regardless of subject matter or chosen medium.

The Hand Colored Photography of William James Harris

Interest in early 20th c. hand-colored photographs by “Harris” has been increasing in recent years, especially in Harris’s Florida scenes. Yet I’ll wager that most collectors don’t even know Harris’s first name, let alone anything about his background.

Information About Silhouettes – History, Present, Future

The standard understanding of what defines a silhouette is the outline image in of a figure’s impression or its shadow. In comparison to most popular art forms Silhouette art is relatively new, however it has an interest history and holds a promising future, not to mention an outstanding silhouette art community today who define the art as well as themselves in their silhouette designs.

Displaying Kids Artwork

Kids really love to see their artwork on display. By showing off their works of art throughout your home, you encourage their creativity and ignite their enthusiasm in the arts.

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