Join us Live! Simple, easy Halloween crafts you can make in minutes!

Join us Live! Simple, easy Halloween crafts you can make in minutes!

Waterhouse Paintings

John William Waterhouse is a famous English Pre-Raphaelite painter of the 19th and 20th century. His work his much loved today by art fans who enjoy the mythological subjects that were in many of his paintings, and the charming style that most Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood artists held in their paintings. This article examines some of Waterhouse’s best paintings as well as tracking his career.

5 Woodblock Masterpieces of Women by Utamaro

One of the most prominent themes in the arts of Man has always been female beauty. But surprisingly few artists are primarily identified with this theme. A major exception is the Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806) who dedicated is whole artistic life pursuing this beauty.

Top 10 Reasons For Placing LDS Art in Your Home

1. Creates an atmosphere of reverence – Art in the form of pictures and other objects is designed to create various impressions and moods. Restaurants, bars, bowling alleys along with churches, schools, and museums all display art according to the ambience they wish to create.

Chagall Paintings

Marc Chagall is a famous French-Russian artist who produced key works during the 20th century in the art movements of surrealism and expressionism. His interesting styles did not fit comfortably into any specific designated art movements, however, and it is best to study Chagall’s paintings in detail in order to get the best understanding of his work and his career.

LDS Art – A Brief History

The LDS people love great art work and use LDS art to bring the spirit into their homes and to remember their faith daily. Mormon chapels all over the world have walls aligned with LDS artwork.

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